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Terri Harper

Terri Harper

Cleveland, OH


I would like to share a little about what inspires me. I hope it gives you insight into and appreciation of my artwork.
I was born an artist. I didn't choose it, it chose me. For me, art is an interface, a way for me to share what's inside my mind's eye. It is a very wholistic experience for me. I hope my art brings you some of the joy and wonder that it does me. My main medium of expression is photography. I also do collage, mixed media and printmaking. Sometimes I combine more than one medium. I started out in photography when I was about 7 years old, way before the digital revolution. When I was in my twenties, I learned how to develop film and make my own black and white prints. I have been evolving along with photography ever since I experienced the thrill of picking up my first pictures from the local five and dime store.
Photography has enabled me to see the beauty in many things, even in common everyday objects. It helps me to slow down and take a long look at the world around me. It allows me to have a contemplative experience, especially when I don't take the time to sit and meditate. It helps me zoom in and see all the small miracles of the natural world. It even helps me make some sense out of the 'un-natural' and sometimes cruel and ugly world.


Not A Happy Clown by Terri Harper


Old Mackinac Point Light by Terri Harper


Backlit Leaf by Terri Harper


Waiting For Wine by Terri Harper


Pears - A Still Life by Terri Harper


Hot Pink Spider Mum by Terri Harper


Trio by Terri Harper


Tulip Design by Terri Harper


Transformation by Terri Harper


Metalisation by Terri Harper


Superior Seagull by Terri Harper


Mackinac Bridge Fantasy by Terri Harper


Fire Escape by Terri Harper


A Night Ride At Cedar Point by Terri Harper


Sir Winston Churchill Pub on Rue de Crescent in Montreal by Terri Harper


Harbor and Skyline from Old Montreal by Terri Harper


Light Fandango by Terri Harper


July Fireworks Montage by Terri Harper


Carnival Guardian by Terri Harper


Celebration of Freedom by Terri Harper


Faerie In The Fireworks by Terri Harper


Happy Fourth of July by Terri Harper


Randomness Variations 3 by Terri Harper


Randomness Variations 1 by Terri Harper


Randomness Variations 2 by Terri Harper